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Here we attempt to answer some frequently asked questions.

Q.  Do refurbished computers come with a legitimate version of windows?
A.  Yes.  All machines are loaded with the operating system that matches the certificate of authenticity on the computer.

Q.  When I get the computer home why would one or more of my devices not work with it?
A.  Make sure that you have followed the instuctions from the manufacturer of the device.  Most devices come with software that must be installed before you plug in the device.  If you no longer have the software, it can usually be downloaded for free from the manufacturers website.

Q.  How often should I clean out the inside of my computer?
A.  The inside of the computer should be cleaned out at least every six months to remove dust and debris build up.  Never use a vacuum or any suction device.  Use air in a can, or have it professionally cleaned.  Excessive dirt causes a computer to run hotter thus slowing performance.  It also shortens the life span of the computer.

Q.  Is it safe to leave my computer on every night, or should I turn it off?
A.  It is completely safe to leave it on, but you should enable "stand by" in the system settings.

Q.  If I have an Anti-Virus progam on my Computer, am I protected from viruses?
A.  Just because you have Anti-virus installed on your PC, does not mean you are fully protected from all viruses. Viruses are created every day, and if you don't have the latest definition file with the code to protect you from any particular virus, you still may be effected. Make sure the settings on your anti-virus are updated daily and a scan is set to run daily!

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